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The Vandal and the Jury - Identifying the lost submarine HMS Vandal.

The infamous “Black Swan” -Magnificent treasure and international conflict.

The recent discovery of the USS Revenge - Oliver Hazard Perry’s 1811 shipwreck finally discovered.

Sidemount Diving - What is it and why would you want to do it?

HMS Hermes - One of the most unforgettable dives, in the Bay of Bengal.

How To Find Your Own Treasure – Part IV.

America the Beautiful - The wreck of a Lake Superior steamship with its flag still flying, Part II.

The Lloyd steamer Wein - A challenging dive on the 445 foot long Italian hospital ship, Po

The First Two Beats of the Drum - Deep dives to the Norness and Coimbra

Oxygen Toxicity - When the sustenance of life turns toxic, by Divers Alert Network (DAN)

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Oxygen Toxicity - When the sustenance of life turned toxic, by Divers Alert Network

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